This is the online home of Southampton University Skydive Club!

On this website you will find out about who we are, what we do (if you hadn't already guessed) and how you can join in. The latest discussions of social events & other stuff can be found on our forum. To see who's driving down to the DropZone and grab yourself a lift, visit our Car Sharing System.


Stuff For Newbies:

Welcome to all those who expressed an interest in joining the University Skydiving Club! To get your high flying times on the roll, follow the link below, fill in the form and look out for info from us in regard to your first jump course! 

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Blue Skies - The Committee

Recent News

Lots of Interest from the 2014 Bunfight! by Ben Turner

Another year, another bunfight. With almost 300 of you budding skydivers signing up to the mailing list and many more grabbing leaflets, were looking forward to getting you all started with your jumping careers!

Just incase any of you lost your leaflet, heres one below with all the dates for the talks and... [read more]


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